A Space Made for You

And the Way You Work

Right here in Hoover


Escape Distraction

Save Time

Achieve More

Don't feel Trapped at Home Forever

Your Kitchen Table does enough already.

Save Time and Make things Happen

in a Place Designed for Work

Regain Your Focus

Pulled in a million directions?

Vent to our Concierge, then relax.

Look Great on Zoom

Without the coffeshop noise.

Or your cat.

Love your Routine

A good day's Work = good night's Sleep.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work.

Finding a new balance is hard.

After 20 years creating workspaces,

We know the power of the right environment.


1. Reserve a morning or afternoon

2. Settle into your freshly cleaned desk

3. Rejoice! A Day's Work Done


Stop stressing out at home and Get a Day's work done

at our Sun-lit, Shared Workspace.

At WerkPlas, we know you want to grow & excel in these troubled times. In order to do that, you need a Space where work can happen. Problem is, the Coffeshop don't always cut it, leaving you frustrated and out of place.

We believe you shouldn't feel trapped in your own home. We understand kitchen table antics and living room claustrophobia, which is why we have been creating effective, professional spaces for over 20 years.

Here's how we do it: Reserve your time at our shared workspace, settle into a freshly cleaned desk, and surprise yourself with a regained focus & drive.

Retake your routine and claim a spot today. And in the meantime, join our Facebook group showing how to Work-from-Home realistically during a pandemic, so you can stop missing out on life and start achieving more, every day.